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warranty and maintenance service

Maryland Sound & Image, Inc. (Maryland Sound and Image) provides a limited one-year warranty on all products and workmanship and upon request will supply pricing for an extended warranty program. Within the first 90 days this warranty covers all labor and materials required to remedy the defect at the Owner’s site.

After 90 days, if repairs are required, defective units will be repaired or replaced by Maryland Sound and Image in accordance with the manufacturers warranties so not to void any warranties. They would be sent for service either at the manufacturers plant, or at our location in Baltimore, if applicable, with such selection to be made by Maryland Sound and Image. If Maryland Sound and Image is requested and/or required to visit the Owner’s site, Maryland Sound and Image will charge for travel and on-site labor. If the unit must be sent to the manufacturer, the owner will be responsible for shipping and handling charges to that manufacturer’s service facility. The warranty does not extend to the damage resulting from misuse, neglect, abuse, acts of God or improper operation. This warranty is given in lieu of any and all warranties, either expressed or implied. Maryland Sound and Image shall not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damage arising in connection with the products supplied by Maryland Sound and Image.

Response time on a warranty service call is of the utmost importance. We will respond by telephone to begin corrective action. We would begin corrective action onsite within 24 hours from that initial contact if needed. Upon arrival onsite, should the Maryland Sound and Image technician discover that the problem is not under warranty, our standard service rates would apply and would be incurred by the Owner.

Non-Emergency Service is service scheduled by Maryland Sound and Image and the customer at a mutually convenient time. Emergency Service is defined as on-site service for weekends, evenings, and holidays. Response time is required within 72 hours of the initial call. Premium rates apply.

During normal business hours, the Owner should contact our service department through our main telephone number 410-281-2800. Our service manager will access your situation and dispatch a technician for service support. If the service call arises after normal business hours (weekends, evenings, holidays), then the Owner should contact our main number 410-281-2800, where they will reach our live answering service secretary who will contact the appropriate technician to dispatch for the service call.

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