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terms & conditions of sale

Maryland Sound and Imageís responsibilities and pricing for labor and materials are based upon this quotation and its authorized attachments only. Additional labor and/or materials will be billed at an additional cost. Freight charges will be added to the contract price. Premium freight charges have not been included. The cost of airfreight or other premium charges, when authorized by the owner, will be added to the contract price. F.O.B. Maryland Sound and Image Baltimore, MD. Federal, State or other local taxes will be added to the contract price as required. Exemptions from such taxes are the responsibility of the Client. Maryland Sound and Imageís labor prices are based upon use of a non-union labor force. Materials are billed as ordered and labor is billed as expended. Pricing is based on working consecutive days with unimpeded access to the job site, adequate parking & a secure storage/staging area. Maryland Sound and Image is not responsible for any additional costs caused by the delay of related work by others. Typographic and/or stenographic errors are subject to correction. Conditions not specifically stated shall be governed by established trade customs. All documents supplied by Maryland Sound and Image are the property of Maryland Sound and Image and shall be used for the sole purpose of this Contract and as such, may not be copied, duplicated or disseminated without the express written permission of Maryland Sound and Image. Terms inconsistent with those stated herein which may appear on Purchaserís formal order will not be binding on Maryland Sound and Image. A deposit equal to 25% of the total price must be made prior to the commencement of any work, with the balance due net 30 days from the invoice date unless otherwise stated. Prices on all quotation are good for thirty (30) days.

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