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custom audio video control rack fabrication

superior quality control

custom fabrication

Fabrication is not just manufacturing. It is an art. At Maryland Sound and Image we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our staff which allows us to stand out from our competition. The workmanship of Maryland Sound and Image is unsurpassed and meticulous. TLC goes into each rack fabricated at our facility and this is evident when inspecting our racks.

The photos at left are not one-time examples of our workmanship. Instead, they reflect the quality of EVERY custom product we manufacture. The reason so much care is put into components most people never see is simple. When quality goes in, quality comes out. We custom label both ends of every wire in one of our racks, and then systematically bundle related circuits together. The result is a cabinet that's easy to service should a problem every arise, without the birdsnest nightmares seen in our competitor's cabinets.

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