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large-scale public address and intercom systems

Public Address Systems are still the only way of getting your message to a large number of people. Not only are they used for messages, but music can also be played over the system. And with the demanding requirement of today’s establishments, these systems are used not only for emergencies in the form of voice evacuation, but can also broadcast a fire situation automatically. Maryland Sound and Image designs state of the art Public Address systems for airports, auditoriums, banquet halls, churches, production areas, offices, schools, parking areas, and public establishments.

A public address system helps us in many ways. Our lives would be boring without them. Have you ever considered what it would be like going to a concert where you couldn't hear the band playing or singing? Have you ever thought how you would get along without a TV, radio, or phone? What would it be like if the President of the United States came to your city, and, because there was no public address system, you couldn't even hear him talking? These are all reasons why you should care about having a public address system. Public address systems make our lives so much easier and more fun.

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