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Shenandoah University's School of the Arts recording studios.

recording studios

Maryland Sound and Image provides the expertise to design and install sound systems from simple to sophisticated. We can design anything from reinforcement system to a complete acoustical analysis for a venue of any size. Our sound engineers work closely with architectural engineers to ensure that our customers are provided the best possible solution analysis. Because of our experience in acoustics and audio/visual design, we are often asked to design rooms dedicated to broadcast or production. Although met with challenges of design in areas of this caliber, our engineers are able to design state-of-the-art listening and production environments.

One of our best known projects is the design of the Recording Studios at Shenandoah University's School of the Arts. The studios include several audio production suites with and control rooms. All production rooms are designed to the appropriate standard for sound reproduction, whether Dolby, THX, IMAX or other. Control rooms are designed to promote favorable reflection patterns and maximize audio imaging.

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